Top 10 Japanese Youtubers

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Here are 10 of the best and biggest Japanese Youtubers

This list should give you a doorway into thousands of hours worth of listening (and reading) content. This list has been compiled together based on some of my favourites and also those channels which I think would be suitable for different audiences. Don’t expect to like everyone on this list, in fact I would expect you to dislike a few of them, but this list should open you up to the Youtubers of Japan, making it easier to find other channels that suite your preferences. This list is in no particular order and based on my opinion, you may disagree with me and that’s fine. Please share your favourites in the comments section.



Subscribers: 5,245,934
Video views: 3,859,055,620

He’s recently getting a lot of hate due to having cheated (on another Youtuber) a while back. Putting this aside though he is the biggest Youtuber in Japan and looking at his videos you can easily see why. He tends to do ridiculously crazy challenges or tests out expensive products. His videos are usually very interesting and of very high quality. His videos often have subtitles added to them after a couple of days of being uploaded. These can be turned on inside the Youtube video player.



Subscribers: 4,443,911
Video views: 3,494,726,113

The 2nd biggest Youtuber in Japan. He has a lot of money and is not afraid to show it. Everyday he reviews a new toy to his audience. He also has sub channels for gaming and other stuff. He started Youtube of as a beat-boxing channel and slowly changed into unboxing videos. He puts on a rather crazy character which seems to be very popular with younger audiences.



Subscribers: 812,617
Video views: 233,346,873

I put Duncan in this list as I just love his sense of humour. He is half English/Japanese and makes hilarious videos ripping into other Youtubers, mobile phone apps and his fan-base. His videos do come with English subtitles so make sure you turn them off or you won’t improve your listening skills!

His videos do contain some gore and occasional swearing in English so I wouldn’t recommend to younger audiences.


ポッキー / PockySweets

Subscribers: 1,502,395
Video views: 1,241,017,953

A brilliant and funny gaming Youtuber with a distinct voice. He speaks relatively fast so is great for intermediate and advanced learners trying to perfect their listening skills. He often plays through entire games that have long stories like Biohazard and where possible will display in-game subtitles on screen as well. His older videos also have subtitles which can be turned on in the Youtube player.



Subscribers: 1,757,415
Video views: 628,241,093

Basically click bait but he’s kinda funny. Typical stupid Youtuber doing stupid things, usually with his family who seem to be as crazy as he is. Him and his family tend to talk quite fast paced and have a slight dialect.


ラファエル Raphael

Subscribers: 1,244,583
Video views: 448,378,867

Click bait and and cute girls. Need I say more.

Not recommended for younger audiences.



Subscribers: 272,635
Video views: 124,992,263

Like interesting and weird stuff from all around the globe? This is the right place. This is basically but the Japanese version. Some pretty interesting videos here, usually with a voice over and subtitles.


love movie ch/l0ve ch

love movie ch

Subscribers: 600,394
Video views: 248,432,831

l0ve ch

Subscribers: 205,109
Video views: 12,337,516

This channel is sort of owned by one guy but he quite often plays with a friend of his Megaru-san. The original channel was love movie ch but they’ve recently moved to a new channel. The videos on the old one are still great and are really funny. If you love Minecraft lets plays then you can find lots of Minecraft videos on the first channel. Most of the videos are fully edited and come with subtitles.



Subscribers: 720,267
Video views: 206,370,634

For the girls here. リサ does make up tutorials and other girly videos. She also has a sub channel dedicated to gaming which can be found here.

The stuff she plays usually comes with text and she often narrates as well. This can be great for listening and reading practice.



Subscribers: 690,398
Video views: 447,092,787

Japan’s “炎上” Youtuber. I like him due to the whole character he’s built and his sense of humour. He gets a lot of hate because he tends to poke his nose into other people’s business to gain views, but if you realise that this is all in good fun then you will see that he makes some hilarious content. He’s loud but talks relatively slowly, making him easy to understand.


Japan’s Top 250 Youtubers (by Subscribers)

If you want to find other popular Youtube channels from Japan then go to this link here. The list is organised by most subscribed but you can also use socialblade to look at video views and number of uploads. It can be a useful tool for looking up the most popular Youtubers in other countries as well.


If you guys  have any other suggestions for your favourite Japanese Youtubers then leave a comment below so that others can find out about them as well 🙂

If you aren’t quite able to understand these Youtubers yet then check out my tutorial on setting up Anki to help you learn Japanese via your favourite films, videos and TV shows. 

As always, thanks for reading!



By Matthew Hawkins

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