Hi there, my name is Matthew Hawkins. I am an undergraduate software engineer from the UK. I “learnt” Japanese in 18 months using the AJATT method.

This sub domain’s purpose is to provide me space to keep a running log of┬ámy language learning progress as well as providing the language community with information to help them learn languages faster and in a more enjoyable manner. However, I am by no means an expert at this and I still have much to learn (including in English :p).


Help me translate this site

If you are a native speaker of another language and can translate from English then I would love it if you could translate these posts! I want to make my site more accessible to language learners. If you want to translate posts then recognition will be given in the translated version. Please send translations to my email address.


Guest posts

I accept guest posts if they are of original content (so as not to get flagged by google), are well written and you give a line stating I have permission to use your content. Send your guest posts in to my email address. I will check them and give you a reply if I use them in the blog. I will of course give credit to authors of any posts that are used.