Hi there, my name is Matthew Hawkins. I love to build programs and play with code. I also have a strong thirst for language learning. I am an undergraduate software engineer, improving my programming, logical and design skills within various units. If you wish to take a look at my programming portfolio then please check out my github.

This sub domain’s purpose is to provide me space to keep a running log of my language learning progress as well as providing the language community with information to help them learn languages faster.

Some of the posts on this website have been translated in to Japanese so that learners can read this blog while continuing to learn Japanese. The posts have been translated by the amazing Natsumi Shibata. Below you can find her email address if you wish to contact her about translation work.

柴田夏実 (Natsumi Shibata) – rmt_nandco_t@yahoo.co.jp